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UWA Women’s Soccer Social Media

From 2019 to 2020 I was the teams media manager and student assistant.

Alongside coaching and recruiting, my roles in IMC included interacting with followers, creating content to be posted on game days and planning content in advance for events the team where holding.

I frequently photographed games and also created senior videos and hype videos from my footage.

In the spring I created news letters and handouts to aid the team in recruitment.

Facebook Content

Total You Med Spa- Livingston Alabama

Total You is a local Spa who I created content for. The posts are designed for Facebook to appeal to the correct target market. Click on the + to expand the text and view the content.

Facebook Posts

Tuesday January 1st

WELLNESS BOOTCAMP- Beauty starts from within so take care of your inner health and join our 8 week program. Have access to meal prep ideas, weigh-ins, check of vital signs and an optimal body composition analysis. Starting january 7th 2019- sign up using the link below. 

Get back on track after christmas and feel radiet inside and out. Follow our social media for tips, facts and therapies to make you feel radiant again.

Friday January 4th 

Overdid it at christmas? Too much cake and roast turkey? Don’t worry, here at total you med spa we have just the thing to get you back on track and lose those extra christmas pounds. 

It’s not too late to join our WELLNESS BOOTCAMP, follow the link below to sign up.

Tuesday January 8th

TIP TUESDAY- The best way to maintain a young and healthy look is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. So our tip today for achieving this is meal prepping. Studies show it is a great tool for keeping on track with weight loss. 

Struggling for ideas? We have plenty of recipes in our WELLNESS BOOTCAMP guide.


FACT FRIDAY- According to the National Institute of Health, ‘More than 1 in 3 Americans is obese. Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.’ 

To look and feel younger and healthy we must take care of our insides to. Need help? Come in and talk to one of our friendly staff members today. 

It’s never too late to make a change. 

Call: 205-623-5548


TIP TUESDAY- Struggling to stay on track after the christmas indulgences? Being a part of a community and having a good support system is our number 1 tip for staying on track and feeling amazing. 

Join our group of like minded people dedicated to improving their health. Total you med spa is located at 306 S Washington Street Livingston, AL 35470


THERAPY THURSDAY- Over all weight loss equates to a calorie deficit. Caloric deficits result from moving more or eating less.

 Don’t want to work out to burn those calories? Come and use our infrared sauna treatment and burn up to 600 calories per session. This is equivalent to up to 1 and a half hours of runner or 2 hours of cycling.


Destress from christmas and visit our local store located at 306 S Washington Street Livingston, AL 35470. For all your self care needs. Feel beautiful from the inside out.

Call: 205-623-5548 to speak to one of our friendly staff members. 


TIP TUESDAY- Extend your support group and get friends and family involved in the transformation! To maximise your support why not work alongside our knowledgeable staff to get the most out of your journey to a better health and wellbeing.


FACT FRIDAY- Don’t sleep on the power of sleep! A lack of sleep can hijack the body of running at its highest efficiency and is detrimental to overall health inside and out. 

Enjoy this interesting article on the subject by Dr Matthew Walker on the detailed benefits of sleep to our health.


THERAPY THURSDAY- a lack of sleep can seriously hinder cell repair causing the body to look older than it is. But don’t panic! Our clinical facial can help speed up the journey to a healthier lifelong look.

Visit to book an appointment today.


TIP TUESDAY- Sun exposure is the main culprit for aging and wrinkles even in the winter! Avoid permanent damage and wear sunscreen, sunglasses and most importantly hydrate to replenish cells and avoid premature aging.


THERAPY THURSDAY- struggling with wrinkles or persistent wounds? Here are total you med spa livingston we have Red-Light Therapy to treat these skin issues!

Call today at 205-623-5548

Or visit to talk to one of our dedicated team members.


Don’t just take our word for it… Here’s a testimonial from Michelle Klimzak Moton ‘Great experience today! So impressed with the knowledge and professionalism. This is definitely a 5-Med spa.’

Thank you Michelle, we hope to see you again soon!


TIP TUESDAY- What is NEAT? Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis has proved to be important and easy way to lose weight and improve overall health. Why not try increasing your NEAT by walking over to our clinic for treatments. 

Improve your health from the inside and we will take care of the outside.

Find us at 306 S Washington Street Livingston, AL 35470


FACT FRIDAY- Hydration is a huge part of feeling energized and maintaining a young and healthy look! 

CHALLENGE- This week try to drink 1 to 2 liters of water a day and give us feedback on your new energy levels and clearer skin!

Find more information on hydration at


TIP TUESDAY- The key to over health and wellbeing starts from within. Our tip is to start with small maintainable improvements to our everyday routine equaints to a more sustainable journey to an improved health and quality of life. 

Ideas…. Healthy food swaps. More physical activity. Improved sleep. Better education. 

Need a little help? Call a staff member today for free advice on products that can help your journey. 


Did you drink your water? Provide us with feedback on how you look and feel. Let’s continue the support and education to help each other live a healthier and more energized life.


FACT FRIDAY- It’s calorie free, fat free and sugar free, and I can guarantee we don’t consume enough of it….WATER! Natural ways to improve our health are always favoured. Drink more water and improve your overall health. 

Try adding lemon or infuse your water with fruits to create a healthy twist and help you feel energized.


THERAPY THURSDAY- Why not try Microdermabrasion, a non-chemical cosmetic treatment in which the face is sprayed with exfoliant crystals to remove dead epidermal cells.

Want more information? 

Visit our website


Planning for a special event? We have you covered! Here at Total You Med Spa we are invested in helping you make your occasion extra special. Call today to discuss treatments and products to help boost your confidence and shine no matter the occasion!



TIP TUESDAY- Struggling with self confidence? Ultimate happiness truly comes from within so start this week with listing 3 things to help with self love and care. Watch as employees and family members notice a new radiance from you. 

Be the change you want to see. For an extra treat add one of our ‘feel good’ treatments to your list…

View our treatments at



Tried one of our services recently? Comment below and provide us with feedback on your experience to help improve our services here in Livingston!

From all of the staff at Total You Med Spa we thank you for your continued support.