ZONE Magazine

ZONE magazine was a UWA publication created every fall. I was the editor in chief of the 2019 edition and lead a team of around 8 people to produce this publication in around 3 months. I had to make decisions on the overall theme of the magazine, the lay out and the content. Then I had to direct my team to create what I envisioned. 

Here are examples of page layouts….

I chose a digital theme to run throughout the magazine. I chose to use the kind of graphics you would see on a sports analyst program when they break down an athlete’s biomechanics. This helped to give it a modern feel.

We continued this theme throughout the magazine to keep it consistent.

Here are two spreads I designed for different stories in the Magazine.

I also captured a number of the images featured in the publication.



To raise money for the magazine we sold and created ads to be featured on selected pages. 


Click to see their online portfolio

Taylor Donato


Katie Burrall



Here is the newsletter I created for the UWA soccer team. I created the layout design and content for the newsletter with the coaches guidance.