Case studies 

The Flower Shop

Founded in 1992 The flower shop is run and owned by Gail Hook. Following in her father’s footsteps as a market gardener, Gail opened her own store in a port-a- cabin near her fathers greenhouses. In the early days Gail would sell the flowers her dad grew and eventually saved enough money to open a store.

In the quaint town of Hedon, Hull, her dreams came true as her passion for floristry flourished into a successful and lucrative business.

Despite her impeccable eye for design and a taste for corporate floristry, she understands that this isn’t the clientele in her town so she designed the shop in the style she finds more suited to her and the location.

The business is now a successful family run enterprise with 3 generations creating designer and commercial floral displays. Gail is now ready to take the shop in a new direction as she fights the big supermarket flower shops and cheaper lower quality alternatives.


Modernize the shop

Create logo and theme

In keep with the location

Creative Process

Over the years the store has changed themes and logos but hasn’t kept an overall theme throughout these designs. This can jeopardize the company as they can be hard to distinguish from others and can confuse the consumer.

I wanted to in keep with the shops quente aesthetic and nature of its location by mixing tradition with modern elements. They currently have no online or social media presence and this is a market they wanted to penetrate; I kept this in mind when creating the assets. 

The Logo

I tried to keep what looks like the origional font from the shops blinds as this is what most people see first when they see the shop. This helps the audience to easily distinguish the shop. I used Big Caslon medium and added Oxygen for a clean modern feel

Color Scheme

The shops exteria has always been green and white, so as not to change the identity to much. The owner not has a 4 color pallet which can add anyother color she chooses e.g. pink, purple or yellow, to suit their needs.

Market Research

The shop is located in a small village in England called Hedon. The Demographics of this area is an aging population and the owner has relied only on word of mouth. With this new theme she hopes to appeal to a larger younger audience and compete with larger florists in the city. 

Style guide 

After choosing fonts, colors and theme, I comprised a basic style guide. I then used this to create brochures and potential social media posts for the company. Having a guide will help the florist to create effective content that helps give her business a solid identity.

The logo Process

I kept the logo very basic, playing with the modern and traditional fonts. I had to keep in mind that this would be on business cards, letterheads for wedding quotes, advertisements and stickers on each design that lets the customer know where the flowers came from and how they can contact the florist. 

Crafty Procrastinations


An Etsy store artist asked me to creat a logo and theme for her store. She wanted something that refelcted her style and creations fast so she could compete with the vast number of craft artists on the site.

Crafty Procrastinations creates crochet trinkets, ebroudery hoops, knitted garments and also occasionaly sows. From this descriction I created a logo and color theme to match, incorperating the needle and thread, an ambroudered backgrown pattern and a color pallet to reflet the artists personality.

Social Media Ad

As well as a re-brand, I created a poster for the Etsy shop Crafty Procrastinations. I included the color scheme and some images of what she makes.

Her biggest concern was being recognised and remembered in the competitive market on Etsy.