My Story 

About Me…

If you haven’t already guessed from the flag, and some of the strange spelling, I am in fact from England. I’d point out where on the map but you wouldn’t have heard of it, unless you follow EFL, in which case I was born in the great city of Hull, a beautiful city, with a terrible football team.

I completed my last two years as a collegiate athlete at the University of West Alabama and it was here where I fell into Integrated Marketing Communications and I realised that all of my hobbies could manifest into a career. After my collegiate soccer career ended, I hit a wall and felt lost. As any athlete knows, this is a hard transition, but I threw myself into my major and it opened a door to a life of work that excites me.

Always An Athlete

The inner athlete in me will always push to be the best and as the daughter of an ex professional footballer, I was practically born with a ball at my feet, (that and the fact my dad wanted a son). My father was my coach and his raw passion for greatness  was so strong it engraved so many valuable traits in me that now transcend into my working life.

Timeliness, commitment, hard work, determination and leadership have been driven into me since I first kicked a football (soccer ball, sorry America).

Because of these experiences, whether I can or I can’t the answer will always be yes and I figure a way to make it work.


I inhereted my natural love for design from my mum, an incredible woman and one of the best designers I know. Florist by trade for over 30 years, I learnt most of my early skills from her. Because of this I am a fully qualified florist and have over 6 years of working in the industry. I also have in depth experience of directly creating designs for customers/ clients.