Intergrated Marketing communications

Ellie McKenzie


I’m Ellie

A graduate from the University of West Alabama with a degree in Integrated marketing communications. I am currently the brand ambassador and marketing coordinator for Dread River Distillery in Birmingham Alabama. I specialise in design, photography and branding.

About Me

Born and raised in Hull, England, I came to the US to pursue my passion for soccer and continue my education. After being a college athlete I turned my focuses to my next biggest passion, IMC.

I love all things design and flexing my creativity. With a background in floristry, I have always had a passion for making pretty things and later I fell in love with studying the reason why good design is so powerful. I love bringing peoples dreams to life wether that be through their branding, on a photo shoot or their website.  

Want to work with me?

Lets See if I Can Help…

What Is IMC?

IMC encompass all modern marketing and digital marketing. From graphic design to videography, website building to creating a brand, Let me know what you need and ill be happy to help!

Photography/ Videography

From product shots, styled shoots, graduation pictures, head shots or family portraits, I have experience in all of these 


From your logo and colours to fonts sub-marks, all of these elements create your visual brand identity and this is crucial to you business!

Graphic Design

Wether you need a simple logo or assets for your company to use on social media or for advertising, drop me a message and we can see what works best for you.

Want to work with me?